Hey #DnD is this anything? The by @5etrash

Hey #DnD is this anything?

The same merchant tents keep popping up all over Faerun selling the same amazing trinket: a little stone tile that allows anyone to attune to it…

Once attuned you can cast the following at will without a spell slot:

Message, Augury, Identify, Comprehend Languages, Locate Creature, Dissonant Whispers, Hypnotic Pattern

In addition, you can use a power word to unlock archives of endless information

The only catch is that you have to spend at least 1 short rest focused on the tile.

These tiles completely change the face of Faerun! Suddenly everyone is more connected and informed and capable than they ever were! But over time, people veer towards extremes: lethargy, paranoia, extremism, etc.

Meanwhile there has been a sudden rise in missing dwarves from their ancestral mines high the most remote mountains.

The party sets out to find the unknown source of these mysterious tiles and missing dwarves; eventually uncovers the Valley of Silicca where wide castles are coated in greenery and fast-talking elves on magical 2-wheeled carriages.

Conning their way into a tour, the party gets to see the inside of the castle where they find Patagonia vest-wearing mindflayers debating over the numerology of engagement.

At a round-table a number of illithid are discussing how the increased mortality-rate of their exhausted dwarf workforce is pushing back the release of the next tile. One illithid suggests using goblin labor instead.

The party finds a locked door labeled the “Serve Her Room” The rogue picks the lock and finds an Elder Brain sitting in an etherial pool of memories and knowledge; all flowing through her as the projected images of exhausted tile-users float all around her.

The party rolls for initiative.