Islamists use White guilt by @sankrant

Islamists use White guilt about colonialism and Crusades. The West does have a lot to be guilty about. But the Left in the West has been shamed (petro $’ed) into becoming Islamic apologists, ignoring that Islam is equally a colonizing & invading force in North Africa or India.

Not to mention Persia, among the early ones to be overrun.

There is surprising little study of Islam as a colonizing force, much like there is very little study about English-language-based discrimination in India (while there are thousands of volumes about “caste”). That is the real imperialism—which controls narratives.

Here is one video:

In reality, all monotheism is colonialism. The two are intertwined. Monotheism is based on supremacy, supremacy of “their” god over all others. This inevitably leads to the destruction of other people’s symbols, traditions, idols and values.

False, not only wealth, even human beings were carted off to Arab and Turkic lands and their harems were full of the spoils of slave trade. @BharadwajSpeaks had done a thread on loot of wealth one time I think.

@BharadwajSpeaks In fact, the insecure jealous “god” of monotheists has all the characteristics of Hiranyakashipu; a demonic force commanding that no one but him get worshipped. Would the actual “creator” by bothered?

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