@PrinSciAdvOff mentions by @Jengovz

@PrinSciAdvOff mentions how the pandemic got people together to adress problems. mentions how basic and applied are not the ways to classify science. we must look at good science and bad science.

individuals will have greater academic opportunities postcovid.

@ChagunBasha takes over to summarize the discussions to make an impact on the policy. invites @guptaakhilesh63 for the way forward. calls it an insightful debate. Right juncture as the first draft is coming up shortly

@guptaakhilesh63 mentions this is the beginning of engagement with all the participants. Mentions the need for big ideas that can drastically impact the STI ecosystem.

@PrinSciAdvOff thanks everyone for active participation and for the valuable feedback. Praises the work done by researchers . “Remember you will translate into positions of responsibility”. While fellowship issues are definitely addressed there are bigger issues to be looked into

emormous challenges and enormous solutions are present. Diversity of jobs are required #diversityisthekey. Radical changes are required.

@ChagunBasha how this process is completely decentralised and inclusive mentions the discussion forum @


@ChagunBasha mentions the concerns of lack of platforms for nonelite institutions. Recommendations for running webinars for such institutions . Thanks everyone @spf_in and @IndiaDST and ends the very enriching session on a high 🙂

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