HOW TO BE TOP 1%: 1.Strong health & body 2.A business that works without you there. But preferably 2-3 businesses. 3.Minimum one girlfriend 4.Status in your city so you can have strong local connections and pretty women 5.Loyal soldiers and successful mentors (THREAD)

Healthy = Enough energy to fight on many fronts for many hours a day Strong body = Men respect your presence and women compliment you on your looks Fragile body = a sign of laziness and lack of discipline Bad health means you get tired fast. Tired = Weakling

Good business = Money in constantly without you being forced to work every day. Enough money that you’re perceived as being RICH by 99% of the people you interact with and by females. Boss = Men fear you and women follow your commands because you display authority.

Money and Fitness do not matter if you’re not having sex You need: A. Trustworthy, loving, loyal girlfriend with few past partners or virgin, that is always there for you, doesn’t require big investments of time and money B. Other women that like you and WOULD fuck you

Status in the city you live in: - You’re always at the best tables in expensive places - You’re followed online by the most important people there and by many women - You’re perceived as being top tier when you meet new people - Nice car, home and always in good clothes

Of course, to further improve your worth It is beneficial to have connections in other cities or countries But if you live in one place 80% of the time, focus on being somebody there Who cares you’ve got millionaire friends in Singapore if you’re hanging out with losers home

Every powerful man has soldiers around. Men that look up to him. If nobody looks up to you, you don’t have influence. And you’re not at the top. The more men want to emulate you, the more power and influence you’ve got. You also need mentors. Men 10 years ahead of you.

Learn from your mentors. Study them. Be useful and respectful. Never try to outshine them. Don’t be a leech. Never betray. If you’re given an opportunity always overdeliver. Remember they’re networking down by giving you their time. Be quiet, listen and use their methods.

Lesson: Being top 1% means combining different skills One - Two skills aren’t enough Money and health are probably the most important pieces of the puzzle But never neglect women and connections You can’t shine if you’re not competent at everything that matters Learn life.