#THREAD: Some Finger Licking Traditional Armenian Foods You Should Try !😍🤤

Khorovats Khorovats is a unique Armenian barbecue method where the meat is first placed on a set of high-quality skewers called shish, then grilled on mangal. It's served wrapped in lavash flatbread.Typical side dishes include roasted vegetables, onions and flatbreads.

Tolma Traditional Armenian dish:Name coming from Urartian word “Toli “ which means grape vine. It’s ground spiced meats, rice mixed together, stuffed with grape vines.Served with yogurt-mint sauce. Types:grape-leaf tolma, Echmiadzin tolma(with cabbage and vegetables),Lent tolma

Pastuts Tolma(Lent Tolma) The name “pasus” coming from Armenian word lent (pas) meaning a dish they’d eat during lent. A traditional dish made of red or black bean, lentil, pea, green pea, bulgur, and rice, rolled up in cabbage or grape leaves.

Harissa A porridge prepared with chicken/ lamb along with wheat grits One of the tastiest and healthiest foods that you will come across in Armenia.Associated with a traditional festival like Easter,it was believed to be made and fed to the poor by Saint Gregory the Illuminator

Khash A soup cooked by boiling bovine shanks for hours. it is enjoyed early in the morning with good amounts of garlic and vodka.Khash is eaten with dried lavash bread which is crumbled into the broth.Traditionally,there is an annual party dedicated and based on consuming khash.

Spas (sometimes called tanabour) Spas is a traditional Armenian soup made with typical Armenian yogurt like cream called “matsun” and wheat grain seasoned with mint or cilantro. Served warm in the winter and chilled during summer months.

Zhingyalov Hats It is a type of flatbread stuffed with 10 to 20 types of diced and oiled wild and cultivated herbs. It is a traditional dish of Armenians from Artsakh and Syunik .

Ghapama Traditional Armenian dish prepared by stuffing a pumpkin with rice, various nuts and dried fruits, butter, honey, and cinnamon.The dish is traditionally prepared between New Year and Armenian Christmas(but especially during autumn and winter, when pumpkins are in season)

Chamichov Pilaf(rice with raisins) An absolute “must dish” for Armenian Easter table and probably one of everyone’s most favorite meals on that special day. Made with rice, raisins and dried fruits.

Gata Armenian pastry or sweet bread.Traditionally eaten at the feast of Candlemas, but is eaten during other festivities too.Some variations include placing a coin inside the dough,and it is said that whoever receives the piece with the coin is to be blessed with good fortune

Lavash As you may have noticed this bread is an integral part of Armenian cuisine and culture.Lavash for Armenians has a sacred meaning and symbolizes well-being, luck, abundance and prosperity. Many Armenian legends and traditions are associated with Lavash.

According to the legend, it was lavash that kept St. Gregory the Illuminator alive for 13 years of imprisonment. In 2014, lavash was selected for the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage .