For Bhakts Who are Bringing Kashmiri pandits in every argument. We know whatever happened to Kashmiri pandits during 90s shouldn't have happened and is condemnable in every aspect . Whatever they have gone through was very painful .1/n

Whoever is responsible for their killings and Exodus should be brought to justice . It was a moral ,legal & constitutional responsibility of government's (from 90-to till date ) to brought the actual culprits and masterminds to justice .2/n

Question is why every government Since 1992 whether UPA or NDA Failed to Serve justice to kashmiri pandits . Why ? Instead of questioning us question your governments why they have failed to serve justice to Kashmiri pandits .3/n

When u will question your governments on this ,they will will never answer u because they also know who was actual culprit and mastermind of this unfortunate massacre .4/4.