Doing a short Schandillia on communalism in our politics Reason why religion remains important part of politics in India in 2020 is that it was deliberately introduced by BJP. Party was formed after RSS ban for Gandhi murder in 1948. Golwalkar was jailed. 1/10

After ban was lIfted in 1949, as a defensive move to protect RSS, Golwalkar formed a political party jointly with ex-Hindu Mahasabha leader SP Mookerjee as chief in 1951. RSS men who joined incl Organiser film reviewer LK Advani and UP pracharak DD Upadhyaya. 2/10

Mookerjee had no charisma outside Bengal. But RSS had national presence. When Mookerjee died in 1953, RSS took over party. Vajpayee elected. RSS had single digit seats in Nehru era. They had only 22 in 1975 when Emergency declared and Jana Sangh merged into Janata Party. 3/10

Sangh was booted out of Janata Party for communalism in 1980. Vajpayee refused to return to name Jana Sangh, called it BJP instead & opened it to non-RSS workers. He also changed constitution. BJP would be secular & socialist. All members took this oath (incl Modi & Shah). 4/10

In 1984 BJP won only 2 seats & Vajpayee stepped down. Advani took over. In 1986 VHP mobilised against Babri mosque. Advani, violating BJP constitution but sensing profit, latched on. Divisiveness was rewarded. Mosque fell, 2,000 died. In 1992 BJP won 100+ seats first time. 5/10

BJP state governments were dismissed after destruction of mosque but party profited. In 1996 BJP won 161 seats. Vajpayee became PM. Then Godhra happened in 2002 and 1000 Gujjus died. World was outraged. Vajpayee tried to depose Modi in Goa but failed. Cadre backed Modi. 6/10

Vajpayee was a hypocrite who thought he was liberal but was actually a weak bigot. His inability to wrestle down Modi at BJP Goa conference in 2002 despite the despicable massacre of Indians in Gujarat ensured the radicals would displace him. 7/10

This happened when Advani went to Pakistan and eulogised Jinnah. Advani is a moron who didn’t fully understand the demons he had released in 1986. This became obvious when RSS replaced him with placeholders like Rajnath leading up to Modi in 2014. 8/10

Modi is the true RSS leader of India. Pure bigotry, no empathy, no literacy and backed by an army of idiots. Many years of sacrifice by Sanghis brought him here as he acknowledged in 2014. But it’s the bigotry and violence of 1992 and 2002 that was the real cause. 9/10

The RSS and BJP always profit by violence against other Indians, especially Muslims. Vajpayee more than Upadhyaya, Advani more than Vajpayee and Modi more than Advani benefited from this. We have to stop this cycle of violence and blood profit by the RSS and BJP. 10/10