This is horrendous & outrageous Does @the_hindu or @IndiaToday have the galls to even cover this?! This needs vehement outrage. Enough! If Hs outrage against Ms for atrocities committed in name of Islam, it's NOT bigotry! Get this through your head, else unfollow me now

It needs to be clearly told to anyone trying to monkey balance this with whataboutery wrt Indian Ms. @ThePrintIndia @scroll_in pay attention 1) Hindus in Pak don't even have security. 2) Hindu girls get forcefully converted. 3)Hindus face state sanctioned discrimination

4) They don't have constitutional equality 5) Up until 2017 they couldn't even register marriages 6) Harrassment & looting of Hindu businesses is common 7) Murder cases are suppressed if that of Hindus 8) Dalits mostly work in fields & don't receive minimum wages

9) Hindu villages are burnt down to ground frequently 10) Any garment, clothing that shows Hinduism can fetch physical assualt on you in public, so Hindus refrain from doing so 11) Sindhi Hindus live in closed societies & sometimes can't send children to school, take a guess why

12) Most poorer Hindus still toil under feudalism 13) 100s of Hindu temples have been broken and grabbed by the Pak Army 14) Most Hindus & Sikhs who want to go to India as refugees are stopped by Pak authorities 15) Hindus owing businesses are looked at suspiciously

16) Hindu & Sikh girls have to be extra careful from Muslim boys, don't even want to tell you why here. 17) Most Muslims don't share food, or practice sheer apartheid with Hindus and Sikhs 18) Silence is the only retribution for them

19) Hindus & Sikhs can't hold institutional positions which bars them from achieving equality 20) Even from profession of law they are partially barred 21) Most judges have Islamic bias as seen in forced conversion cases 22) Girls can disappear anytime anywhere, even married ones

23) From a societal perspective, there is constant pressure on conversions 24) Several labour industries exploit Hindus especially Dalits (screw Jogendra Nath Mandal for that) 25) Killing and extortion is far more common, vocalism is missing for obvious reasons

If anyone even thinks after reading this thread that, this is even remotely comparable to India then you are part of the problem. Then you don't understand institutional oppression backed by societal calibration leading to gradual disenfranchisement of Human Rights of groups... as legitimate members of the nation state on account of not belonging to the state religion, especially if it's an Islamic theocracy. The sick perfidious monkey balancing needs to stop immidiately & consequently all Indians need to realise that helping these...

...folks doesn't make India any sort of a fascist state whatsoever. It simply addresses the imbalance & the very real issue of Islamic oppression sanctioned by Pakistani state. Therefore, India being a country where Hinduism was born is naturally meant to be the country that...

...takes up this humanitarian cause. Yes that means disproportionately advocating for certain selective groups exclusively centred around India with express exclusivion of Islam because there are over 50 countries that prioritize Muslims however there are none that rake up...

...the issue of persecution of Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, Jain's, etc. This imbalance and selectively can only be rebalanced if India takes up this cause disproportionately so in order to ensure equal vocalisation of human rights of these groups. And their is nothing immoral here.

If you still disagree, kindly unfollow now and make sure to block me as well. ~End of Rant cum Thread ~

Source of the main news for kit AF Indina wokes living in perpetual denial propelled by cognitive dissonance who still think this is some propaganda


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