When Ashoka became Buddhist: 4th year of his rule. When he invaded Kalinga: 8th year. Ashoka was a BUDDHIST when he waged Kalinga war. After war,he killεd 18,000 Non-Buddhists who allegedly "insulted Buddhism". Whom do they finally blame? Yes, Hindus and Hinduism

Yes, the great Buddhist emperor Ashoka killɛd 18,000 Ajivikas & Jains because a Nirgrantha Jain of Pundravardhana (Bengal) named Jnatiputra drew a picture of Buddha prostrating at the feet of Mahavira. Worse, this information comes from a Buddhist source.

Those asking for source should read Mahavamsa, Ashoka's pillar edicts and Divyavadana. The information given out by me in this thread comes from these sources.