He is right to call out the legal profession, for in being supine and pusillanimous it has failed in its role of standing up to judges when necessary.


"But Mehta should know that there are a few more than those he suggests who have stood up and denounced erring judges, and in doing so signal to the public that they will not countenance judicial misconduct."

"It (SC) has been singularly lacking in humanity, empathy, or concern for the fundamental rights and liberties of those citizens who dare to stand up against the executive and protest against its trampling of democratic rights."

"There is one common thread running through all these cases — the concerned governments do not want these cases to be heard. It suits these governments if they languish for years on end. The history of these cases shows that the SC has been more than willing to oblige."

"Equally disturbing is the hypocrisy, double standard and discriminatory treatment meted out to litigants — attributes that ill-suit any court, much less a constitutional court, but which now pervade the orders of the SC."