An illustrated thread on masks: Many people are still totally devoted to the idea that 'the science' proves that masks are effective. They relentlessly share reports, research, data & pictures of people urinating on one another to prove their point. Let's pretend they're right.

Let's imagine that it's true. Masks help to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses and help to save lives. The 40 years of research prior to 2020 was entirely inaccurate and once this 'pandemic' started, scientists decided to do SERIOUS research on the subject.

Given the nature of this virus, the number of people it has supposedly killed and the average age of those who have died, then putting that in the context of other respiratory viruses & past death tolls, how can there possibly ever be a time when masks are not necessary?

If you believe masks are needed now, you MUST believe that they should be worn forever. There is no logic to saying otherwise. So please, take a few moments to contemplate, not just British society, but the whole human race wearing face masks for the rest of time.

A world in which members of the public treat one another with suspicion and paranoia. All other people become potential assassins. No interaction of a positive nature between strangers. No smiling. No emoting of any kind. Every last member of society, faceless and degraded.

An entire planet of closed-off, anonymous, expressionless droids. Hastily scuttling about, avoiding all human contact other than glaring in terror, over a spittle-soaked piece of cloth, at their fellow citizens. The displaying of one's own face in public will become offensive.

Leaving your house without a face covering will be considered no different to walking around in public with your genitalia on display. This has already started. Children will grow up being denied all of the basic social cues they need for healthy brain development.

Every single person will be dangerously depressed. All the time. Now, I know that the people who believe masks should be worn will respond to this with things like, "Citation?" and "There is no evidence to show any of that would happen." Please, try to just THINK about this.

There are many things we know are wrong, without the need for 'evidence'. No one needs a scientific report proving that sexually abusing children is bad for them to decide that it shouldn't be done. There are things that we should just be able to understand, as decent people.

If you are promoting the wearing of masks now, you need to be honest with yourself and then everyone else and declare that you are prepared for your children and grandchildren to live in the world described above, for the sake of slightly limiting deaths from respiratory viruses.

For this reason, I don't give a damn what the science says about masks. I won't wear one. Unless you want us all to descend into a joyless, loveless hellscape, neither should you.