We are delighted to announce that MS in Biomedical Science student Aric Anloague (@aricanloague) successfully defended his thesis this week! The thesis is entitled "Mechanical stimulation of soft tissue cells in vitro regulates pro-inflammatory cytokines." This project... (1/8)

This project was the #LoweryLab's first adventure into mechanobiology and was initiated after intriguing chats with osteopathic physicians #DO, physical therapists, and massage therapists about the potential anti-inflammatory effects of soft tissue manipulation. Turns out...(2/8)

Turns out, despite observation and widespread belief among practictioners, there is little understanding of the molecular effects of mechanotherapy on soft tissue. To establish proof of concept... (3/8)

To establish proof of concept, @aricanloague took advantage of #BMRG Co-Director Dr. Julia Hum's (@DrJuliaHum) and @IUICMH Dr. William Thompson's (@wthomp99) expertise in mechanobiology to mimic soft tissue stretch in vitro. He found... (4/8)

.@aricanloague found that stretch reduces levels of numerous pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines from soft tissue cell types. Part of his work was published in @BMC_series. You can... (5/8)


You can watch Aric's thesis defense at this link. Future work... (6/8).


Future work in this exciting project is being driven by #LoweryLab MS in Biomedial Science student Taylor Hiland (@taylor_h33) in collaboration with scientists at @IUICMH and the @VAIndianapolis with funding from the Indiana Institute for Medical Research. We look... (7/8)

We look forward to seeing what is to come! A huge congrats to Aric Anloague (@aricanloague), his thesis advisor Dr. Jonathan Lowery (@jw_lowery) and thanks to all our collaborators/partners. (8/8)