1/We're excited 2 share our current understanding about the Millennial Temple of Ezekiel 40-48. We take the details outlined in these 8 chapters about this glorious temple literally, 4 Yahuwah does not give such painstaking details so that His people can ignore or spiritualize.

2/The nuanced details & symbols of the temple vision were given without any explanation, Elsewhere in Scriptures, when symbology is used, an explanation is given 4 the symbols. Therefore, there is no basis for a non-literal interpretation of the temple vision in Ezekiel 40-48.

3/The main objection to a literal interpretation of Ezekiel's temple is reference to animal sacrifices being offered to 'atone' for sin. Those who refuse a literal interpretation cite the offering of such sacrifices as a blasphemous contradiction to the finished work of Christ.

4/Ezekiel is not the only prophet to foretell future animal sacrifices in the Millennium. At least 4 more prophets stated the same: Isaiah 56:7; 66:20-23; Jeremiah 33:18; Zechariah 14:16-21; Malachi 3:3-4. Thus, 4 prophets confirming a literal interpretation of Ezekiel's temple.

5/We ask: what is the purpose of these future animal sacrifices in the Millennial Temple? Before answering, let us remember that under Mosaic system not all animal sacrifices were pointing to Christ's death. Most were for purification of priests & objects used in various rites.

6/The need for the cleansing rituals of future animal sacrifices in the Millennial Temple becomes clear when we remember Yahuwah promised Ezekiel that HE will reside in the Millennial Temple. But HE is Holy. The temple objects & priests need to be cleansed to serve in the temple.

7/Post the Millennium, when the Heavenly Jerusalem will descend from Heaven, and new earth and new heaven will be created [Rev 21:1; Isa 66:22], there will be no temple. Reason: the world will have only glorified immortals. However, in the Millennium sinful immortals will exist.

8/Before the return of Christ, as foretold by Christ & Paul [Matt 23:39; Romans 11:25-26], many Jews will repent & confess their faith in Yahushua as their long awaited Messiah. (We know the events that will trigger this conversion but this will be the subject of another thread).

9/Not all Jews at return of Christ will obtain immortality. Some rebellious Jews will still be in Israel when Christ leads out in construction of the Millennial Temple which will be his headquarters, from which he will rule over the nations of the worlds, along with the saints.

10/The presence of sinful mortals during the Millennium necessitates the performance of ritual animal sacrifices, to ensure the ceremonial cleansing of the priests [sons of Zadok] and temple objects. Only with a ritually cleansed Temple, can the glory of Yahuwah be present.

11/The fact that the Millennial Temple [whose details in Ezekiel 40-48 make it larger & infinitely more glorious than past 2 temples] will be built by Christ upon His return, means that any present plans by non-repentant Jews to restore Herod's temple, will never be materialized.

12/It is most foolish not to take the Bible literally. Yahuwah means what He says & says what HE means. As obedient mortals we to heed His revelations & conform our lives around the plain literal meaning of what He reveals to us through His prophets. To do otherwise is madness.

13/Very few professed followers of Yahuwah believe in the end time events revealed to us in book of Revelation, especially the 7 last trumpets. Because the description of these events is so shocking, Christian opt to ignore them or worse to claim that they have already happened.

14/What we may think about the Trumpets will not change the Father’s plan regarding the sounding of these Trumpets. We loose big time when we foolishly dare to ignore what has been revealed to us with painstaking details. Yet most Christians are totally oblivious of the Trumpets.

15/Likewise, to ignore Ez 40-48 b/c it references the establishment of animal sacrifices to provide atonement & ceremonial cleansing for priests in the MT, without posing to understand atonement was not only about purging from sin but also about ceremonial cleansing is most sad.

16/Hebrews 10:4 states “it is impossible for the blood of bulls & goats to take away sins.” Yet, Levitical sacrifices under Mosaic system are said to “make atonement”, [Lev 4:20,26,31]. Was it blasphemous in the past to claim atonement in light of Christ's future sacrifice?

17/Certainly not. When we understand clearly that the ‘atonement’ does not only mean purging from sin, but also the covering of sin. The death of Christ secured the act of purging. Where as animal sacrifices secure ceremonial cleansing needed in MT b/c of sinful mortals.

18/We praise Yahuwah 4 having led us to a clearer understanding of the MT, and for not allowing us to stumble over the future animal sacrifices, a fact which has led many to ignore and write off the last 8 chapters of Ezekiel. May we never ignore or belittle any Scriptures.