I can understand those who feel indignation at the hypocrisy of a media and left-wing world who would refuse to condemn the mayhem of the summer 2020 riots yet jumped all over yesterday's animal-like behavior in a minute. But what I cannot understand is that being any (1/7)

source of dilution to your own indignation of yesterday's lawlessness and chaos. I am reminded of something my friend, @EWErickson, said in 2016 when the Trump/Access Hollywood tape came out, and someone said, "Ted Kennedy literally drowned a woman to death and the Dems (2/7)

said nothing, and now we are supposed to lose it over Trump's comment here?" Erick's reply, "All the more so, yes!" I take almost no Democrat or left-wing person seriously when they talk about women, and I have been this way for years, UNLESS I know they have publicly and (3/7)

abundantly shunned Ted Kennedy. He is the noose around their neck, that king of all sexual harassers, and yes, he of leaving a young woman at the bottom of a river. You shouldn't take them seriously either. But you can stick a hot poker in my left cornea before you (4/7)

will catch me using someone else's misdeeds as a reason to loosen my own moral resolve. It must always be the opposite - BECAUSE I so vehemently disdained the French revolutionary behavior of summer 2020, we must INTENSIFY our disdain for what a very significant number (5/7)

of MAGA/Trumpian/radical/lunatics did yesterday. CNN all of a sudden developing a conscience about social crowd behavior is no reason for you to lose yours, any more than the left's magical newfound distaste of aggressive sexual behavior began with (6/7)

Donald Trump, after decades of worshipping Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. These people are hypocrites. Fine. But we are called to be a faithful presence. And to that end, let's work. (7/7)