Since I keep getting a lot of 'Tourist Inquiries', I am going to do a thread for those who plan/wish to visit Kashmir. 1) Places to visit? Depends on which season you plan to visit. (Please please don't do the usual Gulmarg-Pahalgam-SXR thing)

If you're visiting in winter - Gulmarg is the go to place for you. Also long drives with the snow capped mountain view - Dalgate - Harwan Road, Dodpathri road, or anywhere in the outskirts. Do no miss the frozen lakes - Dal. And the better one, Nigeen Lake.

What do you eat? Srinagar is heaven for non veg lovers. Do NOT miss Wazwan from Khayam chowk, Harrisa & hot roti from Ael Kadal, and Kashmiri style mutton barbeque (Tuejj) on Dal Banks. Go to a Kandur shop. Do check out how tandoori rotis are made.

Something you've never heard before? Kashmir has an amazing collection of bakeries, you're going to run into one every two seconds. Do try - Chicken/Mutton patties, pastries & coconut cookies. One place sells walnut fudge near Kashmir University, it is to die for.

So you're visiting in Summer/Spring? (March to August). A must do - Take a walk in the old city (Down town) around Jamia Masjid. Most of our old exquisite architecture is still intact. A walk on the Jhehlum Bund near Lal Chowk, and the bridges that crossover to Rajbagh.

Places to visit? Dodpathri, Tosa Maidan, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Nigeen Lake, Pari Mahal. If you're visiting in spring please go to - Badam Vaer in Rainwari ( it is a huge garden full of almond blossom), tulip garden, Chashma shahi.

Places you must check out?Srinagar has a rich Cafe culture. Do visit one of those. We also have a rich Sufi/Peer Heritage - Astaans, if you want some spiritual peace, do visit. Also also, do drive on the outskirts of Srinagar, around Gupkar (beautifully landscaped) & Karan Mahal.

The food remains the same. But if you've a little more time, do contact some local trek company & go for a 3/ 7/10/15 day trek into glaciers, snowcapped mountains. It is therapeutic.

And lastly is it safe? Yes, for tourists it is. Encounters don't happen in any of the places which I've mentioned. So chill. PS, if you have only one/two days - Go to Pahalgam and Aaru valley. Order tuejj. & Light a bonfire!

So what do vegetarians eat? Kashmir has really good Vaishno vegetarian Dhabas near Sonwar, Dalgate, Pahalgam (mostly run by Vegetarians) to specifically cater to you. If you want Kashmiri Vegetarian food, plenty of restaurants. Plus, online Tiffin services.