The issue with the volume of “entertainment” media that mocks, demonizes, and orientalizes Hinduism isn’t about “hurt sentiments” vs. the strength of individual Hindus’ faith.

This media constitutes pedagogy. It teaches viewers how to think about Hinduism. Research shows that our brains tend to record tv/movies as real experiences, versus written material, which uses different cognitive tasks, including critical thinking.…

The tsunami of anti-Hindu entertainment media has the power to dominate the public imagination. Add the misinformation about Hindu history that is peddled through textbooks, and you have an incredibly powerful propaganda machine. So, no, it’s not about sentiments or faith.

(Note: critical thinking doesn’t happen automatically when we read. It is a learned skill. There is just a greater possibility of it happening whilst reading vs. viewing, which tends to be a “lazier” cognitive experience.)