People often ask "How did you grow your Twitter??" like I had some master plan. I usually give an answer that includes words like engagement, consistent, content, etc. These things are true but if I'm being honest, it grew the most when I wasn't thinking about any of that... 1/?

I just wanted to share my journey, the things I was working on & to be a part of a community. I immersed myself into it over the last couple of years. Probably too much most days but it was fun. It still is. Anyway I guess the point is, most of us didn't have a plan, and... 2/?

...growth just kind of happened while we were being ourselves. We don't have to growth hack everything. You'll figure out what works for you along the way but don't lose yourself in the process worrying about the numbers. 3/?

And hey, if growth is your thing and you want to grow grow grow just for the sake of growing, shoot for the stars and I hope you make it one day. I'll probably still be down here, just a nobody who tweets too much about tech, music, my random thoughts, and bad jokes.✌️