Masks were never about science. No evidence has ever been provided that proves cloth and medical masks reduce or prevent viral transmission. Ever. Masks are a microcosm of a culture that went hysteric and desperate to try and control something they couldn't. 1/

They then morphed into a way that politicians could deflect blame of a pandemic off of their pointless and costly mitigation measures and point the finger back at YOU. See how that works? Covid is no longer the politicians fault. It's your neighbor's fault, your CHILDREN'S. 2/

If only you cared about other human beings you would mask ALL THE TIME. Everywhere. It's because you're selfish and want people to die. See how that works? Now you're more afraid of what people will think than you are of Covid. 3/

No, the science of masks didn't change in the spring of 2020, that's a lie. Fauci, Osterholm, Dr Schaffner at Vanderbilt, were all telling you the truth from their decades of experience in the winter of 2020. Now, they're lying to you. Why? Politics. Not science. 4/

Now, we have self-righteous and cruel Karens in charge of YOUR church. YOUR school. YOUR business. It's your job to make Karen feel safe. It's your child's. Karen doesn't care about the fact that your developing toddler can't read faces. 5/

She doesn't care about your special needs kids need for accommodations in school. She doesn't care that children actually rarely if ever transmit to adults. YOUR disgusting and vile viral vectors (aka children) are now to blame for Covid. They have to wear them till the 6/

Shame and fear are so internalized into their psyche that they're anxious and mentally unhealthy. Know what? Worth it. Karen wants to feel safe. Doesn't matter if the mask actually can stop a sub micron aerosol particulate or not. It's YOU and YOUR KIDS that must 7/

Bear the cost of her felt safety. So you see what's happened now? Karen is actually vaccinated. Yeah, she's only 35 and has a higher chance of getting hit by a Dairy truck than dying of Covid but she skipped the line ahead of her own grandmother's. 8/

Guess what? Still Not safe for you to let your kids take off their masks. Still not safe though. 9/

Masks were NEVER about preventing Covid. If they were, the data has disproven this over and over (see @ianmSC ) It was a cultural movement built off of Fear and Shame. Only a cultural movement for truth and hope will make it go away. Join us. /End