If you have the upper hand, there’s a high probability that you would choose strategies against others that lead to zero-sum games, instead of positive sum games (win-win scenarios).

To have power and choose a positive-sum game strategy, would be equivalent to giving up your queen in chess to level the game for a collective positive outcome (draw), rather than checkmating the player.

Peaceful sequential stable games are only engaged when the players have relative equal power. You may choose to not play in a game where you are disadvantaged in power/resources. But starting any business will force you to play the game without invitation.

The advice “you should play long term games”, is predicated on the assumption, that you have enough resources of EQUAL power relative to other players, to implicitly impose rules of cooperation & compliance.

Capitalists always sell this pipe dream to small businesses and entrepreneurs. “It’s not always about competition. Businesses can thrive with cooperation” This is wrong. A disparity in power = high level zero-sum games. There’s zero incentives for cooperation.