There's roughly 8 to 10 strategic plans an individual needs to execute in order to move, sideways, or upwards in any given hierarchy; i.e to improve their quality of life. Within each strategy, there's tactical decisions that must also be executed.

If you want to make a move to obtain a senior management position; one strategy would be to make sure you qualify. Do you qualify? No. What do you have to do? A, B and C. Eventually, you formulate a coherent plan to execute ONE strategy. Out of 10.

Another would be, *connecting with the right people*. What does that entail? Well you need to A; provide value. B; have reasons to close in on proximity. C; reciprocate on a long enough time frame that the relationship accommodates favors. Strategy #2 complete. Out of 10.

I wrote this thread earlier today regarding how a gym buddy was able to get promoted and more than double his wage in just a few years. Have a read before going further.

He had three strategies set out in front of him. Proposed by me. 1. Cater to all tables 2. Charm customers 3. Become best friends with the manager It may only seem 3. But the kid had all the other strategies perfectly executed. Work ethic Presentation Behavior

Point of this thread is; its IMPOSSIBLE to think you can move up without formulating a plan first. And that plan is broken up between 8 to 10 strategies depending on what the aim is. And those strategies each have tactical implications.

Each strategy, upon investigation will reveal your flaws. And that's the worst part. Perhaps you're not as good as you thought you were. And that's probably why you're at the bottom of the hierarchy.

So there's a long process here. You come up with one strategy. Does it reveal flaws? If yes, you must rectify those flaws before moving on to strategy #2. If not, you move on to the next strategy. You accumulate the 10 strategies. Then you execute.

Your strategies might succeed and get you to the negotiation table. How you move past that depends on how tactfully you make your moves. One wrong word, and you could undo everything.

You take all this into consideration, and you wonder why most people accumulate at the bottom of the hierarchy. You wonder why they become entitled and resentful. I sat with that kid over one coffee break. Laid out the plan. And he went to work. Never looking back.