Why is BJP focused on Rama when his demand is so low as a deity? https://t.co/EYucsytCVX #Thread


Surprised that Buddhists believe in karma and fate! Ambedkar rejected those ideas long ago. Didn't he?

Those who have lost their families and everything know the pain of partition or do they?

Well, who is surprised here?

Well, well, well. Control over women bodies has always been a way to keep the caste system intact.

It's time to increase reservation benefits for scheduled castes to 25%.

About 20 per cent of people, that is like 300m people, agree that caste discrimination is widespread in India.

Propaganda of the Hindutva brigade busted!

So, Buddhists are more tolerant toward other religions, and Jains suck!

Better call it caste-based friendships.