The regime has proven that electoral politics is no longer viable, they quite clearly coordinated a total media blackout of the “populist” candidate, effectively eliminating any chance to return to power through traditional means. But there may be another way (thread)

Trump has often been compared to Caesar, and in many ways those comparisons are appropriate. In Caesar’s time, military accolades were the best route to power and popularity, in our time, television stardom and flashy business prowess have taken the place of generalship

But like Caesar, trump had the people behind him, and this gave him a power over entrenched political institutions otherwise unavailable to conventional politicians, who typically had to prove fealty to these institutions. By 2016, these “institutions” had become families

I’ve maintained that probably the most important thing trump did was break the back of *two*nascent political dynasties: the Bush’s and the Clintons. If the parties had their way, 2016 would’ve been between Hilary and Jeb. Biden being their guy in 2020 proves they want…

…lackies they can trust who are willing to stick to the agenda. But we must remember, Julius wasn’t the successful Caesar, it was Augustus. Those who insist our situation does not reflect that of the Roman republic need to look closer, it is certainly the closest parallel

In the @theammind podcast with Anton and Yarvin, they tried to argue regime change is not imminent (I believe this was Anton) in part bc we are nowhere near collapse, our institutions are still intact. But when Caesar came along, Rome was at the height of its power

In an institutional collapse scenario, we get the French Revolution, Iraq 2006-7, and any other nation where a power vacuum leaves opportunists scrambling for power. That is not how a Caesar arises. A Caesar arises when a nation is strong but a people are docile, lackluster….

His role is to revive the spirit within them This awakening of the people terrifies the regime, and in ancient times the way to deal with a demagogue was murder. Today, we don’t need to murder them, we only need to silence them. Hence, coordinated and total blackout

In this predicament I feel trump only has one real option, and he will only take that option if he is far-seeing and truly concerned with his legacy and with the future of America. He must throw all his fame and all of his connections behind Baron

The best hope for us, the American people who don’t want our country completely flushed down the toilet, is for Trump to keep the fervor alive, the fervor he ignited in 2016 and kept going for 4 years. He can’t let the spirit go dormant again, & eventually the time will be right

His recent rallies show that the people are still behind him, and Darryl Cooper gaining 40 k (& counting) followers in 2 days, being read on Tucker, shows all the Americans left out in the cold have not gone away

If Trump tries to use any inertia he has left to prop himself up or even make another run I. 2024, I’m afraid he is not longer the man for the job. But if he uses his rallies to support friendly republicans like DeSantis, perhaps he can keep it alive…

Until his son is old enough to take position. At that time, Trump can immediately transfer all his clout and power to him. Perhaps Trump was only opening the door, a place holder, like Julius Caesar.

Legacy is perhaps more important than anything. Remember, Augustus won against the greatest general in Rome based solely on the name “Caeser”