I've been in the kitchen for the last 3.5 hours working my way through what I saw today. Not just the speech, but the response to it. Try as I might, I see very few possible happy endings. The rhetoric, the emotional response, the desire from Biden supporters for violence...

They don't want the virus gone, they want the unvaccinated gone. Their response to people choosing not to get a shot is "I hope they die." I have disagreed with every part of the political/religious spectrum. Often. I never once said I wanted those who opposed me dead.

I never even considered it. The thought is abhorrent. So seeing a large swath of the country I call home giggle at the thought of me dying because I'm not convinced an experimental shot is right for me is disconcerting at best.

I held out hope that this was simply a medical matter. That it was sincere concern for the health and safety of others, and that we would all be conscientious of the threat and act accordingly. Then the lies started. And they didn't stop.

Nothing we were told at the beginning lasted. None of the information was accurate. The reporting was off. The treatments were adhoc. Everyone that was supposed to be ready for these situations made serious mistakes. Everyone. Every step we were told to take brought more problems

We were lied to, we were made to feel fear, were told to do things that a few months later we were told weren't necessary. And then told that those things they said we didn't need to do were now mandatory. And through it all, they took from us. Slowly, methodically, they took

They took our jobs, our businesses, our family togethers, our vacations, our shopping trips, our lives. Based on lies, they took everything from us. And we let it happen, because we genuinely thought it was going to help. We did this because all of us wanted what was best

At one point I was shopping for four households because I was the least at risk. Masked, sanitizing everything, dropping groceries off on porches, picking up checks once a week so they didn't have to risk it. Cause none of us knew how serious this was. We were afraid

Then it changed. Then all the bullshit started to hit. Goalposts moved, rules became arbitrary, numbers were being manipulated, politics took over.

Depending on where you lived, or how you interacted with society, this virus changed it's behavior. The problem is, the numbers didn't change. And if they did, it was easy to dismiss them because there were so many lies beforehand that you didn't know who to trust

And now we're here. This shitty place where people would celebrate me dying because I don't trust people who have lied to me for a year and a half. Because I know enough about drugs to understand you have to trust your dealer.

And I don't trust these dealers. And the people who are screaming for mandatory vaccines or banishment from society would've said the same two years ago. Remember when the left railed against big pharma? It was them and wall street as the villians. What changed?

The bad guys made billions of dollars off of a "free" vaccine and there's nothing but silence from the ones who would've burned street blocks a few years ago. Simply because there's an opportunity for power. Petty tyrants hoping for their day in the sun. That's all

After today I can no longer say this is about health and wellness. I can not view this as anything other than a power grab. If it were health related, they wouldn't laugh at the possibility of my demise. If it were health related, they wouldn't scoff at alternative cures

If it was in any way related to health, they wouldn't ignore the lies, the billions in profits made, and the loss of so much for so many. If this was about health, there wouldn't be disdain for those who didn't toe the line. There would be no need for force.

We have all lost a lot. Family, friends, businesses, jobs, freedoms. No one has gone through this last year and a half without taking a hit. So seeing the culmination of all this shit hit today is disheartening.

I will do what I said I would do initially. I will wait for the full studies to come out on the vaccine and will then make my decision. I accept there is a risk, just like with anything, and let the chips fall.

Know this, though. I will no longer view these steps as anything other than an infringement. I do not trust people who only lie to me. And I despise a person who utters the term "for the greater good" or mentions the fucking social contract. Fuck that shit.

These motherfuckers have stolen more from us in a year than any group has ever taken from anyone else in history. And they still want more. They want it all.

I can not hold in high regard anyone who would celebrate my death for political points. I will not accept opinions as truths. I will not cater to fears or feelings. I will not trust the untrustworthy. I will not sacrifice my principles for societies short-comings.

I will not comply.