The hard truth is we lost much of our liberty and maybe America itself when the majority of the population let The System scare them about coronavirus from the very beginning. The ship has been going down ever since and try as we may, we cannot bail out enough water now.

America was free. So America got rich. Rich made us fat and weak. We were primed and ready for a spark. The spark was coronavirus. It revealed just how soft we’ve become.

At any other time in history, a president, governor, or mayor would have been afraid to speak the way these people speak to us now. “Close this. Don’t close that. You’re not essential. Take this shot or else.” Not now. They know we’re soft.

There should have been widespread revolts in this country Day 1. Day 1. There was hardly a blip. Even now, 90% of the RIGHT is either unaware of the danger we’re in, or too scared to fight it.

The ONLY chance we had to hold the line against all this madness in the beginning was the Right standing firm. Instead, Trump handed they keys to Fauci and most of our side was telling people to go home and hide.

We just don’t fighters. We have lifelong dorks who just don’t want to be insulted too much. You can’t withstand the communist hordes when that is your only defense.

If you even suggested real offense against these people, 90% of the Right would vocally oppose you. Publicly. And I mean benign offense.

Either way, Balkanize. Get to a red state and make it redder. Save what you can. There’s still hope for states and communities. But nationally, the horse has left the barn. That’s all.