I keep seeing history being rewritten so let me offer a CliffsNotes version: We. All. Fucking. Stayed. Home. We all masked. We were all "in this together" until the restrictions became unreasonable.

We didn't get haircuts. We missed deaths of loved ones from other diseases. We put off funerals. We put on masks. We social distanced. Not for 15 days. But 30 days. 45 days.

We watched as our businesses closed, our events canceled.

And then we watched Nancy Pelosi get a haircut. And you defended her. We watched Gavin have dinner with friends. And you defended him.

We watched as you protested and rioted and looted and burned, all the while telling us we were horrible for being mad about the draconian measures implemented that shut down our gyms and bars and theaters.

We were "in this together" when you said you wouldn't trust a vaccine under Trump. We were "in this together" when you acted like the experts knew what the fuck they were talking about even as they changed their position in the matter of days.

We did it your way. It didn't work.

So take your revisionist bullshit and go hide under your bed.

You act like HCQ is an experimental drug. It isn't.

You act like Ivermectin is only for horses. It isn't.

You act like you follow the science. You don't. If you did, you wouldn't hold the positions you do.

This isn't about being anti-vaxx. This is about your arrogance and rewriting history to make you feel better about being the Nazis at this point in history.

You think your patience is running out? LOL fuck you.

I know people that couldn't hold their family member's hand as they died because of COVID. Fuck your inconvenience.

I know people that lost their businesses. Fuck your "running out of patience"

I think it's time you give the unvaxxed their credit. Many of us have already had COVID and lived. Hell, mine was treated early with vitamins and it wasn't even at flu strength.

No, COVID is not a hoax. It absolutely should be taken seriously. But maybe it should have been taken seriously by your side the entire time.

Our patience ran out last year, early this year. Welcome to the club.