#RealPainStories I was on 2 opioids for 10 years after chiari tc and cci surgeries- 5 of them- I was diagnosed with EDS and multiple painful comorbidities I did monthly UDT I even had to come in with a broken neck cont. 1

in 2016 I was told at an appointment that due to scores my meds would have to come down I told them not my tiny dilaudid only thing for my iih headaches without it I couldn’t stand it cont2

in may 2017 after they hounded me to put a pain pump in my back and I refused - my nsg said absolutely not - I have arachnoiditis! I was abandoned- cut off! cont3

shortly there after I woke up I could not breathe, my wbc high, I was in and out if ers. my glucose skyrocketed to 400, I had to take multiple bp meds - one caused me to get lupus cont 4

I was experiencing dementia symptoms I had a spect scan and I was diagnosed with brain damage from pain. I was seen at mayo, cleveland clinic and oh state for symptoms cont5

I was finally diagnosed in 2020 with td1 RA sjogrens and EBV. I had gone to UC pain clinic begging for help - 1st thing told opioids dont help EDS and no sch Ii meds - cont 6

6 months ago I had pharmogenic testing no tramadol or codeine meds help and im a fast metabolizer, I saw other PM I was offered shots in back and SCS not sure if that help dislocations RA sfn etc FIN