has anyone actually fucked UNDER the sheets. like that’s something that only happens in tv shows right

@wifeguyreloaded I mean, if youre having sex in a room with other people in it, yeah. You stay under the covers.

@Quoderat_Demon @wifeguyreloaded Or wait until other people aren’t there. The fuck?

@ReoSpeedball @Quoderat_Demon @wifeguyreloaded assert dominance and fuck in full view of everyone

@ohfortheloveofg @ReoSpeedball @Quoderat_Demon @wifeguyreloaded Someone else fucking in a room got me laid once.

@cocktailrant @ohfortheloveofg @ReoSpeedball @Quoderat_Demon @wifeguyreloaded This man be living in a porno

@HWD5000 @ohfortheloveofg @ReoSpeedball @Quoderat_Demon @wifeguyreloaded Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

@cocktailrant @HWD5000 @ohfortheloveofg @ReoSpeedball @Quoderat_Demon @wifeguyreloaded Does Ass imitate life or does life imitate ass?

@MountMazama @cocktailrant @HWD5000 @ohfortheloveofg @ReoSpeedball @Quoderat_Demon @wifeguyreloaded Why did yall both tweet the same thing?

@hadenodom @MountMazama @cocktailrant @HWD5000 @ohfortheloveofg @ReoSpeedball @Quoderat_Demon @wifeguyreloaded Ass is life, and life is ass.

@boingypop @hadenodom @MountMazama @cocktailrant @ohfortheloveofg @ReoSpeedball @Quoderat_Demon @wifeguyreloaded Ass is everything. The grass is ass. The sky is ass. The ass is ass. We are all ass. Ass encompasses us all.