SCOOP: @Walmart has launched a critical race theory training program that denounces the United States as a "white supremacy system" and teaches white hourly-wage workers that they are guilty of "white supremacy thinking" and "internalized racial superiority." Buckle up.🧵

Walmart launched the program with the Racial Equity Institute in 2018 and has trained more than 1,000 employees on the core principles of critical race theory, including "intersectionality," "internalized racial oppression,"and "white anti-racist development."

The program begins with the claim that the United States is a "white supremacy system," designed by white Europeans for maintaining "white skin access to power and privilege." Whites are thus subjected to "racist conditioning" that indoctrinates them into "white supremacy."

The Walmart program claims that whites are inherently guilty of "white privilege" and "internalized racial superiority," or the belief that "one’s comfort, wealth, privilege and success has been earned by merits and hard work" rather than through the benefits of systemic racism.

Walmart argues that "white supremacy culture" can be summarized in a list of qualities including "individualism," "objectivity," "paternalism," "defensiveness," "power hoarding," "right to comfort," and "worship of the written word"—which are "damaging to [people of color]."

Walmart tells minority employees that they suffer from "constructed racist oppression" and "internalized racial inferiority," with internal messages such as "we believe there is something wrong with being a person of color" and "we have a sense of limited possibility."

Furthermore, Walmart tells minorities that they are programmed to believe the "myths promoted by the racist system" and develop feelings of "self-hate," "anger," "rage," and "ethnocentrism," and are forced to "forget," "lie," and "stop feeling" in order to secure basic survival.

The solution, according to Walmart, is to encourage whites to participate in "white anti-racist development," accept their "guilt and shame," adopt the idea that "white is not right," acknowledge their racism, and move toward "collective action" whereby "white can do right."

The Walmart program is a study in hypocrisy. White male CEO Doug McMillon rakes in $22 million a year, while lecturing his hourly-wage employees on their "internalized racial superiority" and "internalized racial inferiority."

The formula of "woke capital" is clear: American executives—the most privileged people on the planet—can collect accolades and social status by pledging allegiance to DEI and telling workers they're racist oppressors. Read the full story in City Journal:…

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