Mind blowing. The Dutch expert team of medical specialists still only recommends FFP2/KN95 use when working on 'aerosol generating procedures'. They missed the memo of aerosol transmission. Note: this is about healthcare setting use, guidelines were last updated in May 2021.

This is beyond mindblowing. This makes me incredibly pissed and makes me honestly question their expertice and lack of accepting new evidence which has been around for well over 18 months. Groupthink amongst experts leads to severe risks during a pandemic.

Change your stance! Have the common decency to protect your staff but especially your patients properly. Many healthcare settings have been blindly following this advice and is the explanation why the Dutch have been so resistent against the use of proper mouth nose mask use.

If you don't believe me have a listen to @WHO @DrMikeRyan on transmission routes. And, and, not or or.