Let me get this straight: 1. Russia thought their "special operation" would last 3 days. 2. After 2 months of fighting with Spetsnaz, Airborne & 190+ BTGs, they achieved NONE of their Strategic, Operational or Tactical Objectives. 3. Based on #2, they decided to shift... 1/8

...their main effort to the Donbas, where they expended 70+% of their precision munitions hitting civilian targets, while failing to gain any significant military objectives. 4. Then, Putin announced RUF would secure Luhans'k & Donetsk by 15 September. 5. RU "mobilized"...2/

... the LPR & DPR militias, "recruited" prisoners, "drafted" locals, asked for soldiers from other countries & brought in the Wagner Group to execute #4. 6. But, after announcing & then delaying the Kherson referendum & under threat of a UKR offensive in Kherson...3/

...RU generals shifted effort from Donbas to Kherson due to threat of a UKR offensive. 7. After RU shifted forces as described in #6, UA instead conducted a Kharkiv offensive, gaining the equivalent of the land mass of Rhode Island & Delaware while capturing a...4/

Brigades worth of Russian tanks & BMPs and killing hundreds of RU soldiers. 8. Though now "paused" in Kharkiv, UA continues to execute attacks in Kherson, is slowly gaining ground in Donetsk, while threatening Melitopol. 5/

9. While this is happening, ships from the RU Navy - the "pride of the Black Sea" - are repositioning from their base in Sevastopol into the Azov for "security reasons" & RU subs are launching Kalibr missiles at UKR infrastructure. 6/

And - here's my point - after all of this, Putin's response is to INCREASE punishment for deserters & execute a partial mobilization of 18-60 year old men (who didn't get much training the first time around & who will serve as "cannon meat") and continue this madness? 7/

If this is an accurate summary of the last 210 days, Putin - and his supporters, generals & Army - will surely go down in history. But not in a good way. 8/8