Seeing all the brilliant brain power wasted debunking inane arguments by bad faith grifters-du-jour on this app is frustrating. Obvious bait exploits the algorithm and steers discourse in their favor. We can do better. I’d like to propose something different: the 4-3-2-1 🧵

The problem: Most left discussion is poorly moderated, saturated with banter, and tails the masses to chase fickle unimportant questions. Even well moderated spaces are often composed of an array of ideological leans, preventing discussion from elevating and generating new ideas.

The solution: Create a space whereby a strictly moderated panel of communists stake out clear positions on current and important questions with the aim of synthesizing new consensus and catalyzing wider discussion. The questions will initially have a North American focus.

The 4-3-2-1 will consist of: 4 speakers 3 questions 2 minute answers 1 hour discussion

===Rules (1/3)=== 1. Open to communists only. 2. The 3 questions are provided to the speakers 1 week in advance. 3. Each speaker must prepare by outlining a 2 minute spoken answer to each question. 4. Rebuttals are live and should focus on areas of disagreement.

===Rules (2/3)=== 5. Moderator introduces questions and starts/stops the speakers. Time allotments strictly enforced. 6. One speaker at any one time (other than open discussion at the end). 7. No chit chat, spoken intros, bios, or self promotion (provided in show notes instead).

===Rules (3/3)=== 8. Zero monetization. Released for free to the web. 9. Speakers can submit new questions into the pool during open discussion at the end of the episode. 10. Next episode’s questions are chosen by audience after show.

Show format:

List of potential questions for episode 1

If you’re interested, please reply with your top 3 choices of questions and nominate worthwhile speakers by name/@. The goal is to elevate online discussion above trash like this: