BREAKING: BIG setback for Alex Jones in his bankruptcy case--federal bk Judge Christopher Lopez in Houston has tossed out both Jones's lawyer AND his chief restructuring officer. Judge cites transparency issues, incl personal expenses by Jones...

One example: Jones spent $80k on "security" for his trip to CT for his Sandy Hook damages trial, where he is right now. "I don't like where we are today," Judge Lopez says. But it's the right decision under the law.

"I hope I never have to make another decision like this as long as I'm on the bench," Judge Lopez says.

Judge now expanding the power of DoJ's Subchapter V trustee to run Jones's business, citing a "lack of candor in this case." Wow.

Judge says someone completely independent is needed to run Infowars, citing concerns with disclosure, lack of candor and the $54 million debt to an LLC partly owned by his family, and the need to investigate insider rel'ships

He is also authorizing the trustee to hire outside counsel/help. "And I want folks with no connection to any of these cases to assist you."

"There has to be greater transparency in this case...It's gonna cost what it costs."

This isn't a comment on the professionals he's just booted, the Judge said. He respects their work, "But without process and without transparence ppl lose faith in the process...Congress writes laws, judges apply them as faithfully as possible, and that's what I've done today."

The hearing is over. And Jones's bankruptcy claim has hit some serious speed bumps./END