Elon built Tesla into a $705 billion business without the best cars. Connor McGregor became the highest paid UFC fighter without being the best mixed martial artist. How? They hacked into your brain with storytelling. Here's the breakdown (based on science):

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1) MRI scans show stories activate more parts of your brain than mere facts & figures. It literally takes more brain power to listen to a story than read a list of facts. (Makes you wonder how smart "fact checkers" are.) Stories give you a richer neural experience which means

you enjoy the experience more, digest the information at a deeper level and therefore retain it longer. Compare that to school where you forget 90% of what you're taught because they try to teach with memorization rather than through stories.

2) Stories trigger the release of oxytocin in your brain Oxytocin is commonly referred to as the "love hormone" because it's what makes you feel "warm and fuzzy" when you're attracted to someone. This is why when you listen to a character story, you can't help but feel...

deeply for that character even if you don't know the person or it's a fictional character. Just by listening to someone's story causes oxytocin release. When oxytocin is released, you're more likely to trust the situation and the storyteller. The result?

You're more likely to believe and be persuaded by storytellers. Think about how this oxytocin effect applies to: Brands you buy.. Politicians you vote for... Gurus you look up to etc.... This leads us to the most powerful neurological effect of storytelling 👇

3) Stories trigger an effect known as "neural coupling" How many times have you thrown your hands up in frustration because you failed to persuade a friend or family member to change their mind? We all know how frustrating this can be but it's because we failed to...

use story telling techniques in our persuasion. To make things worse, when we fail to persuade our instinct is to get angry and judgmental which makes the other person more defensive and resentful of your efforts. Stories are the most effective way to persuade because

the listener is far more likely to retain the information when it is codified in story form. Why? Because as a story unfolds, your brain waves start to synchronize with the storyteller's 🤯 This effect is known as "neural coupling".

4) Stories improve your ability to make predictions When you read a list of facts and figures, your brain doesn't do any heavy lifting. But when you read a book or a story, all the activities of your brain that's normally engaged in making predictions light up. Your brain...

networks that are involved in: -Imagining -Deciphering complex information -Figuring out other people's motivations All activate. In short, reading stories give you a more intense "brain workout" because stories force you to think outside the box and solve complex problems.

5. Stories are the oldest and most proven form of sending information from one 🧠 to another 🧠 Humans have been telling stories for centuries. It's a communication mechanism that's evolved to help us document useful info about who we are and how we survived. By ignoring...

storytelling and leaving it out of your skill stack, you are saying no to the most powerful, proven and effective form of communication known to man. Stories are effective when you're trying to convince your 6 year old to eat her vegetables at dinner. AND....

They're just as effective when you're trying to persuade a group of VC to invest in your startup. And they're just as effective when a doctor wants to persuade a reluctant patient to try a new form of treatment. So if you want to be more persuasive in business and life?

Learn how to tell good stories. Just as a picture paints a thousand words... A compelling story can communicate a million facts. So let's make a deal. I found the perfect framework that *anyone* can use to tell profitable stories. It's easily worth $1000s. Want it? 👇