This is how agenda is run According to this tweet Chattisgarh Congress govt reduced ST reservation from 32% to 20% but BJP is opposing it Now here is the truth Following was the reservation structure in Chattisgarh SC 12% ST 32% OBC 14% But On 19th Sep.... 1/4

Chattisgarh High Court strike down on this reservation and reduced ST reservation 32% to 20% since it was the actual percentage when Chattisgarh was formed So the claim made in tweet is completely false n misleading. Actually Congress govt is fighting against High court order

Chattisgarh govt declared that they will go to Supreme Court against this order and will arrange special session to reverse this order. Tweet also claim that BJP is only pro reservation n Congress is against reservation But truth is entirely opposite

Chattisgarh Cong gov increased reservation up to 82% in 2019 And Jharkhand Cong JMM govt increased up to 77% this year. Though BJP also supported reservation but not as extreme as Congress. BJP is only party that have given exclusive reservation to EWS general catagory 4/4