THREAD: CROWD SIZE: Okay look. For years now, Donald and the GOP have been lying about crowd size. They’ve been lying about how many people call them and tell them they love them. They’ve been lying about the size of their fan base. There’s a reason for this. 1/

Donald lied about his inauguration crowd size. He lied about the “bigly” numbers of FBI agents that called him to complain about Comey. He lied about the crowd at Tulsa. He lied about the crowd at the ellipse. 2/

He lied about the millions of people who would take to the streets after the Mar-a-Lago search. He lies about the amount of people who will protest if he’s indicted. He lied about how many people voted for him. And he lies about his rally crowd sizes. 3/

He does this to make you afraid of imaginary crowds that will come for your family if you don’t comply. He does this to make you believe more people like him than actually do. Do you know why the III%ers are called the III%ers? 4/

Because they believe you can overthrow a government with just three percent of the population. The GOP is LYING to you about the polls. They do this to exhaust you and make you think you’re outnumbered. YOU ARE NOT. 5/

Remember when we learned that Cohen rigged polls with a payoff of a boxing glove in a Walmart bag with $10K? It was to make you think there are more of them than there are of us. 6/

Do you know why trump installed Chris Miller and general Piatt to delay the national guard response to 1/6? It was to make you think that they were too numerous to stop them. But our brave law enforcement held the line despite being hung out to dry by a crazed despot. 7/

DO NOT LISTEN. They do NOT outnumber us. Republicans said Biden disparaged HALF of America when he called the ultra MAGA semi-fascist. The repeat that HALF of America voted for Donald. THATS A LIE. It’s around 20%. IF THAT. 8/

They want us to think they outnumber us. They want us to be afraid of them. THEY ARE LYING. WE outnumber THEM. By quite a large margin. VOTE. THEM. ALL. OUT. END/