Few really abusive tweets by Hindutva brigade's paid trolls and another ridiculous one from Former BJP General Secretery of BJP, M P +

forced me to write this thread.

1/ We Malayalis don't worship Cow.It was never there in our culture - include Kerala Brahmins.Though Brahmins never ate Non-Vegetarian food+

2/for other upper cast Hindus that was never a taboo except for a group called Ambala Vaasi-the one who depended on temple jobs for survival

3/ Though beef was never cooked in my Paternal and Maternal "Tharavaadu" And my Paternal grandmother never liked the taste of it,

4/ We hv nvr had any restrictions on consuming it fm outside.Any Malayali wl vouch for the Devine experience of "Porotta&Pothu Varattiyatu"

5/ Whether it is in Hotel Arya or Hotel Mumtaz Mahal or Hotel Mary Matha, it did not made any difference to us. We had it from everywhere

5/ As a person who spent his childhood in such an atmosphere, this new found vigour in cow worship and states passing stringent laws on

7/cow slaughter.and the cow vigilante groups are tough to digest. I wanted to protest in my own way and that is how

8/those lines appeared in my twitter bio.Another thing I often hear or read of late is, "since the time of Vedas, Hindus revered cow"

9/ if u read the translation of Hindu sciptures by Sanskrit scholars who are not bound by religion, you will find the same narrative

10/ But, try 10 different translations by Hindu experts, you'll see 10 different explanations.

11/From these two grounds,I would like to put forth few excerpts from some Texts.I have no intention to hurt any body's feelings on anything

12/Tweeting this becos in the name of their religious beliefs, some radical people are hurting the believes of others like me

13/Aitareya Brahmana is of the Shakala Shakha of Rig Veda. Adhyaya 1, Para 1


14/ Book I! Para 7 of the same book

15/ Jaimini's Purva Mimamsa Sutras is one of the most important Hindu philosophical texts and basis of Mimamsa,


16/Adhyaya3,Pada6,Sutra18,the Sabarbhashya says संति च पशुधर्माः- उपाकरणं, उपानयं, अक्ष्णया बंधः, यूपे नियोजनम्, संज्ञपनं, विशसनमित्येवमादयः

17/ Famous Arya Samaj Scholar Pt. Yudhishtir Mimamsak sighted similarities of Aitareya Brahmana & Mimamsa in his book Mimamsa Sabharbhashyam

18/ Swami Prabhupaada explains thus in Bhagavd Gita translation Bhagawad Gita As it is:


19/ Mahabharat, Ashwamedha Parva, 89, Shlokas 1-5 read the 1st paragraph


20/ Satapatha Brahmana 3/4/12 Clarifies it Further -


21/ "A person for whom a cow is slaughtered, is known as 'goghna' and 'atithi' (guest)."-Acharya Sayana in his book Maadhaviya dhaatuvrittih

22/Atharva Veda 18/4, 20, 42:


23/Panini:"goghna' doesn't mean 'the killer of cow' but 'he on whose coming the cow is killed in order to give him, that is to say, a guest'

24/Panini further explains, 'goghna' can be priests, any special guests, sons-in-law or some one important for whom cow meat to be served.

25/ Rig Veda 28/3


26/Atharva Veda is prohibiting killing n eating the flesh of a Brahman's cow, Not every cow. Brahmins were cleaver then too.

27/Sayana Acharya explains Atharva Veda 9/4/1 https://t.co/OfKISyrr15 Killing of cow is a sin only when the owner is not donating to Brahmin


28/ Satapatha Brahmana which praises the sacrifice of horse in Aswamedha and consuming its flesh boiled and roasted


29/ Few more pages ftom the same scripure

Mahabharata Anusasana Parva: Read the first Para onwards n notice the reprating of the word GAVAYA.


31/Brihadaranyaka Upanishad's this chapter is what RSS' now famous prescription for Uttam Santati.


32/Read Para 18. It says pregnant women must eat beef with rice and butter.

33/And if u read Para 7, u'll understand why BJP is opposing law against marital rape (Though that is not the topic here)

34/ Mahabharata Vana Parva, Markandeya Samasya Parva. Read full second para.


35/ Manusmriti Chapter 5, V35 & V 56 is a must read


36/Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthaanam 27-79-80, Chikitsa Sthaanam 8/163, 8/165, 8/158


Aadi Sankaraacharya, Brahma Sutra Chapter 3, Paada1, Sutra 25


38/We can just continue like this. They opposed Wendy Doniger & Prof D N Jha's books for the same reason-ther were pointing out these things

39/Buddhism never had much aversion towards meat. Beef is still consumed by Buddhists world over

40/ The raise of Jainism got Brahmins scared and they adopted Jain philosophy of Ahimsa to show brahminical supremacy.

These are historically well recorded facts. We can produce enough reports fm ASI to prove Earlier Hindus consumed beef regularly

42/ Ignorance and mindless radicalisation of RW brigade to ensure their political supremacy made Cow's life more valuable than human life

43/ let me conclude.I'm a Hindu.I believe in Vedas and I eat beef.I'm doing nothing against the tenets of Hinduism.And I won't buy Hindutva

Read 2:52:89 In Ayodhya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, see what Seeta offered to Ganga on safe return


Valmiki Ramayan, Ayodya Kanda, 2:96:1-2


Now let us see the translation of RW's Geeta Press. Other than propaganda Meterials, they r good at this kind of creativity :)

Just remenbered this. :)