The science surrounding by @bobscartoons

The science surrounding Covid-19 & Sars-CoV-2 is all over the place. There is no consensus. The more we learn, the more confused we become.
Is the virus seasonal? Do lockdowns work? Are face coverings effective? Are PCR tests reliable?
I have informed opinions on the science…

But that’s all they are. Opinions. And I accept that they might be wrong.
However, even if I am wrong about all of it – let’s say the measures are working in preventing the virus from getting out of control & killing millions of people around the world…

We are still left with a huge moral issue.
There is no doubt that the ‘new normal’ is killing people.
There is no doubt that it is ruining people’s access to work & love & happiness.

So we are not saving anyone.

We are simply TRADING lives.

And this is disgustingly unethical.

Imagine removing the liver of a healthy person and donating it to somebody who is dying.
Yes, you would be ‘saving’ a life. Maybe. But you would DEFINITELY be killing someone else. Murdering them. Knowingly and therefore, intentionally. This is so obviously and hilariously…

unethical that Monty Python turned it into a sketch. Perhaps advocates of lockdowns watch that sketch and fail to see the idiosyncrasy.
But now imagine that the person receiving the liver was 82 years old and had two serious underlying conditions and the person donating…

their liver was a healthy young mother of 3.
This is where we are. This is lockdowns. This is ‘Protect The NHS’. This is the ‘New Normal’.
Our government is trading lives like stock options, rolling the dice in a desperate bid to protect, above all else, their weird Covid data –

the one metric by which they, and all other governments are currently judged.
We need to drag ourselves out of this quagmire of data and graphs and ‘the science’ and remember some universal truths. Reclaim our moral principles.

We don’t trade lives. We don’t submit to fear and tyranny. We don’t keep families apart. We don’t put the longevity of the old before the prospects and freedoms of the young. We don’t surrender our dignity. We don’t allow democracy to be cast aside.

We live with risk.
We live with the inevitability of death & the personal responsibility of freedom.
We live with love, understanding that love has always carried its own risk & therein lies the beauty of being alive.

A vaccine won’t save us.

We’ve got to save ourselves.

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