Things look dire in SoCal by @justin_hart

Things look dire in SoCal hospitals. Check out these quotes!

“We’ve never had so many patients,” said Adrian Cotton, chief of medical operations at Loma Linda University Health in San Bernardino County.”

(read to the last quote please)

“…at least one hospital has set up an outdoor triage tent to handle the overflow of people”

“In Long Beach, hospitals have started visitor restrictions. In the South Bay, a conference center has been transformed into an ambulatory clinic.”

We have signage set up all over the hospital to inform patients that, if they have any family members with even signs of symptoms, not to visit”

“Loma Linda emergency physicians are seeing about 60 more patients a day than usual, Cotton said.”

“About 150 patients have so far been treated in the tent, which is staffed according to the number of people inside. It’s expected to be up through March.”

“As the main emergency room gets full, patients are moved to the tent. For example, a patient who comes in with a broken arm is likely to be treated inside the tent, he said. Visitor restrictions have also been implemented.”

“The county saw a 300-percent increase”

“Overflow tents also have emerged in San Diego County hospitals. Though they haven’t pitched tents, most hospitals across Southern California have set up overflow areas inside their facilities.”

“It’s been a crazy season,” said Frank Flowers, medical director for the Riverside County Kaiser Permanente service area. “This is one to remember.”

“Nearby Torrance Memorial Medical Center boosted the number of beds in its ER annex from eight to 12 this month to accommodate”

“Megan Martinez, spokeswoman for Dignity Health St. Mary Medical Center, said the facility has treated three times the number. Brandon Lew, emergency department physician at Pasadena’s Huntington Hospital, said prevention is ideal, but the ER should not be your first choice.”

Our hospital workers are the best in the world. I know they can handle it without you having to lose your job.

Oh. Also – all these quotes are from one article in January 2018!

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